Three Things To Look For In The Ideal Green Carpet Cleaning Company

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If one of your resolutions for this year is to improve the environmental friendliness of your business, you need to consider the impact other businesses can have on yours. If you hire cleaning services, the materials and methods they use and the environmental impact of their practices is now the responsibility of your business. But it can be difficult to find all new cleaning services with eco-friendly practices. Here are three of the most important criteria to look for when you're trying to find a green carpet cleaning company to hire.

1. Green cleaning substances

Truly eco-friendly cleaning companies don't just use the conventional cleaners that other companies use. They investigate the market, looking for eco-friendly cleaners to replace whichever cleaning substances are the norm. They may look for products with eco-friendly packaging, products made by environmentally active nonprofits, or products whose makers try to offset their carbon emissions. But the most important thing as far as your business is concerned is the ingredients used in the cleaner itself. Green cleaning companies favor natural cleaning products, and you can probably find out a lot about the ingredients used just by asking what type of cleaning solutions they offer. Plant-based cleaners are a good way to avoid an abundance of harsh chemicals.

2. Eco-friendly techniques

Some eco-friendly techniques that cleaning companies can espouse include things like using bubbles to clean (substituting carbonation for chemicals) and using less water per square foot. It's also important to ask what the company does with waste water after the cleaning process is complete. Sometimes water can be filtered and recycled before being disposed of. Speaking of waste water, some companies go cold turkey on the water by using a green dry cleaning method that cleans your carpets with a gentle, eco-friendly cleaner and no water at all. This has the added advantage of not leaving you with a wet carpet.

3. Efficient machines

One of the ways carpet cleaning machines have become more efficient is that some of the machines available now can clean with just a fraction of the water, one of the techniques mentioned above. But it's equally important to use machines that require little electricity to run. Because carpet cleaning companies often use large vehicles to transport personnel and cleaning machines, the transportation should be taken into consideration as well. An environmentally conscious company should attempt to use energy-efficient vehicles such as hybrid cars or biodiesel-powered trucks.

These three considerations can help you choose a green carpet cleaning company that's serious about helping the environment. Not only will this improve your eco-friendly business practices, but it will also protect your customers and employees from toxic cleaning chemicals! For more information about green carpet cleaning, contact a business such as Magic Wand Cleaning and Restoration Services.