How A Water Damage Restoration Company Dries Out Your Home After A Water Leak

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When a pipe bursts in your home and water goes everywhere, you may wonder how you could possibly get your home dry in a reasonable amount of time. You probably won't be able to without the help of commercial equipment. Drying it out alone with rented equipment will take too long because mold begins to grow in damp conditions in just a short time. Here's how a water damage restoration company may go about getting the water out and getting your home dry:

Removing Water From The Home

Getting rid of standing water is easier than drying out hidden water and dampness. All that's needed is to drain it out with a hose or use a pump to pump the water back outdoors. Water can also be pushed outside with a floor squeegee or even bailed out with buckets if necessary. All the standing water has to be removed before drying out can begin.

Increasing Air Circulation

Good air circulation is important for preventing the growth of mold. Your contractor may advise you to turn off your HVAC so mold spores don't get sucked into it or the ducts. You can open the windows and put in fans to increase the circulation in your home. In addition to bringing the breeze indoors, your contractor may carry furniture and other belongings outdoors where it can dry in the sun and be exposed to fresh air for faster drying.

Using Fans And Extractors

Next, the contractor brings in commercial drying equipment. The advantage of working with a water damage professional is having access to as many fans as your home needs. The water is pulled from the floor and from voids in walls with water extracting equipment until the water is gone and all that's left is dampness. Then, powerful fans are placed on the floor to dry out anything left in the home, including carpet, walls, furniture, and flooring.

Drying out your home fast is important as this will prevent further damage and mold. If you try to do it yourself and prolong the amount of time your home is damp, you could end up with even more damage to repair. That's why it's a good idea to work with a contractor who can bring in a crew and a van full of drying equipment to get the job done fast. If the leak was caught early and your home is dried out quickly, you may not have many repairs to make to get your home back to its normal condition.

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