Three Steps To Take Following A Water Leak

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Damage to your home's plumbing can cause a water leak to develop within your home, which can quickly cause all sorts of water damage, flooding, and mold growth – all of which can be expensive and complicated to clean up. In the event that you've suffered from a water leak, there are a few things that you should do immediately after the professionals have fixed the leak and removed the water to ensure that you can get your life back on track again as quickly as possible.


The first thing that you should do to begin the cleanup process is to dry the area out as much as possible. While water damage restoration professionals can remove the vast majority of standing water from a flood, there may still be a huge amount of moisture and humidity in the area that can cause residual damage and mold growth. To dry the area out, you can rent large fans from a hardware store, or install portable dehumidifiers throughout the area to take water straight out of the air. You should also ensure that the windows, if possible, are open to ensure proper ventilation of the area.

Document the Damage

Next, you should begin to take stock of the damage to your possessions that has occurred. You'll want to move the most valuable items out of the area to prevent future damage, if possible. However, don't throw items out even if they are irreparably damaged. You'll want to keep them as evidence to help your insurance claim go through, since their assessed value is necessary. If possessions have begun to grow mold and simply cannot be kept, be sure to document them as best as possible with videos and photographs.


Once the insurance claim has gone through, you can begin to throw out items that you can't save, but even beforehand you can get to work cleaning off the tiles and walls that may have been damaged by water exposure. Use a mixture of half bleach and half water, or substitute vinegar for a natural solution to kill any signs of mold or algae growth on hard surfaces. Regular commercial cleaners can be used for wooden, stone, and other similar surfaces to remove any dirt or other debris which may have collected during the leak. Keep in mind that your goal is to prevent further mold growth. If certain surfaces have become structurally damaged, you'll have to contact a water damage restoration company to have the materials in question restored or replaced.