Be Prepared For Severe Weather This Season: Materials And Supplies To Get Your Home Ready For The Next Storm

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The summer is here, and you want to be prepared for severe weather, especially if you live in a low-lying coastal area. Having the right materials to prepare for a storm will ensure you stay safe and limit the damage. You want to make sure you have materials to board up your home and supplies to get your family through an emergency. The following tips will help you be more prepared for bad weather this storm season.

1. Storing Food Supplies to Get You Through the Storm and Aftermath

The food that you have in your refrigerator will go bad quickly if the power goes out and does not get restored for several days. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have enough dry goods to feed your family for a week if severe weather knocks the power out and it takes a while for it to get restored. Throughout the year, occasionally use and replenish these supplies to ensure they are still good during an emergency when you need them.

2. Essential Medical and First Aid Supplies That You Should Have Prepared

You or someone in your family may have medical needs like allergies, diabetes, and other illnesses that require daily treatments. You want to make sure that you have enough essential medicines to get you through an emergency. In addition, make sure you have a first aid kit to tend to any injuries during or after a storm.

3. Fuel, Lights and Equipment to Get Through the Storm and Begin Repairs Quickly

Fuel is important to power things like basic appliances when the power goes out and tools to begin cleaning up any damage after a storm. In addition to the fuel, you want to make sure you have flashlights, batteries and any basic equipment or tools that will be useful to do repairs after a storm.

4. Boarding Up Windows and Doors to Protect Your Home During Severe Storms

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable areas of your home during storms, which is why you want them to be protected. When you know about a hurricane or severe weather coming, have the windows and doors boarded up to protect your home from damage during the storm. Boarding up buildings can be done if you are sitting out a storm, evacuating or if you want to protect a vacation home in a coastal area.

These are some tips to help prepare your home and your family for storm season. If you need to protect your home from damage, contact a building board up service to cover windows and doors before the next storm.